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What they are saying about the world's number 1 training site on the web...

"Improve Your Chess is a convenient & fun way to better your chess in short chunks of time."

Women's GM, Jennifer Shahade, two-time U.S. women's champion


"Improve Your Chess is by far the most impressive venture into online training."

International Master, John Watson eminent  theorist and coach

Tony Kosten, Grandmaster,
Editor of Improve
Your Chess


Why we just know we can improve your chess

We don't just give you dry and boring lessons, most of the material here is interactive - you have to think, just like you would in a real tournament game!

You'll learn:

   How to become a killer tactician

   How to select the right move in critical positions

   How to see the game as top Grandmasters see it

   And how to improve your game with practical endgame knowledge

What's more we guarantee you will improve and if that's your aim read on...



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